We run Sweden’s oldest numismatic auction business and thanks to our close links with the Swedish Numismatic Society, we have access to unique knowledge and experience of coins and related artefacts, possibly greater expertise than any other actor in the field.


  • Our auctions are held in light and airy premises and offer comfortable and practical seating arrangements. We serve complimentary hot beverages and drinking water is available at all times. Meals and refreshments can be purchased at each auction.
  • When you purchase an auction catalogue you acquire a top quality publication that will guide you through your selection process.You can also download a pdf version of the catalogue free of charge from our website, where you will find high resolution images of all items.
  • We devote a great deal of time and effort to cataloguing items for auction, something that benefits seller and buyer alike. Since all auction items are consigned to us from external sources there is no conflict of interests
  • You can place your bid at the auction, by letter or on
  • You can pay with cash or a credit/debet card directly after the auction. Non-attendees may pay by invoice.

Riddarhuset detalj


Naturally, we adhere to the counterfeit policy laid down by the Swedish Numismatic Society.



Myntauktioner i Sverige AB is well-established company in the field of numismatics. We take pride in offering our customers efficient and flexible services. We have a comprehensive register of financially strong buyers both in Sweden and abroad. There are many advantages to selling your property through our company, besides the obvious one that we strive constantly to satisfy our customers.


  • We prepare all catalogue entries with great care.
  • All individual items are shown in the catalogue.
  • High resolution images of nearly all items are available on
  • A pdf version of the catalogue can be downloaded from our website.
  • Our catalogues are top quality products and have lasting value.

Myntauktioner i Sverige AB is one of only two Scandinavian coin auction houses to be showcased on the well-known international online portal for coin auctions, This means that we have a unique gateway to the international marketplace.


  • We give a favourable commission.
  • We provide fast, secure and clear sales accounts.
  • We hold at least two quality auctions and several internet auctions a year so customers don’t have to wait too long inbetween sales.
  • We have offices in Stockholm and southern Sweden. Our representative travels regularly around Sweden making it easy to visit and consult with potential clients.
  • All profits go to scientific research and publishing and other activities that benefit members of the Swedish Numismatic Society and numismatic interests in general.