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Quality auction 37 will be held at Hotel Sheraton in Stockholm on Saturday, October 2nd. Previously, we had also reserved Sunday, October 3rd, for the auction, but as shown below, we have instead planned other activities. Auction 37 offers the opportunity for both the usual bidding in the auction hall and bidding via the Internet in real time.


Together with Sveriges Mynthandlares Förening (SMF), Myntauktioner i Sverige AB (MISAB) is pleased to announce that through a collaboration we will arrange the first coin fair in several years in Stockholm – STOCKHOLM NUMISMATICA 2021.

The fair takes place at Hotel Sheraton in Stockholm on Sunday October 3rd between 11 AM and 4 PM. Many exhibitors spread over about 50 tables will offer a large and varied range of numismatic objects for sale. We strongly believe in the idea of combining our quality auction – which for many is already the numismatic highlight of the year – with a long-awaited fair. Further information will be available via newsletter and on our website. Of course, it is also possible to email questions to info@myntauktioner.se.



We will be taking part in the following fairs 2021:


July 3rd: Sävsjö kulturhus, time: 11.00-16.00 (coordinator: Sävsjö myntklubb).

August 21st: Norrköping (coordinator: Norrköpings myntklubb).

September 4th: Frimynt Helsingborg, Idrottens hus. CANCELED

September 25th:
Lund, Hotel Lundia, time: 11-16 (coordinator: Sveriges Mynthandlares Förening).

October 3rd: STOCKHOLM NUMISMATICA 2021  – Hotel Sheraton, Stockholm, time: 11-16.
Coordinator: Sveriges Mynthandlares Förening and Myntauktioner i Sverige AB 
For more information, mail to: info@myntauktioner.se


We plan to host the following auctions in 2021:


Internet auction 31: Swedish medals. Starts Friday, December 30th and ends on Wednesday, January 6th.

Internet auction 32: 5-14 February (svenska mynt).

Internet auction 33: 19-28 March (medals).

Internet auction 34: 23rd April – 2nd May (Coin).

Auction 36: 15-16 May.

Internet auction 35: 11-20 June (Numismatisk litteratur, Hesse del VI).

Auction 37: 2 October.